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What We Do

Master installs a tint film for the car glass with a hairdryer and spatula with glare of l

Glass Tinting

Window tint has a number of benefits including; UV protection for skin and interior, increased privacy, better gas mileage, a sharper look, as well as accident safety in the case of broken or shattered glass.

There is no secret that your car will look 10x better with tint. We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of tinting job that comes our way. We offer 5 different shades of tint from 5% to 70% visibility.

  1. 5% - Often referred to as "Limo Tint". Very dark, lets only 5% of visible light through.

  2. 20% - Known as "Factory tint". If you own a vehicle that had windows tinted by manufacturer, your tint is 20% on those windows. Usually on vans, SUV's, and trucks. To match the untinted windows with the factory tint, this is the best option.

  3. 35% - Allows 35% of light visibility.

  4. 50% - Blocks out 50% of the available light from reaching the interior and is ideal for blocking heat and UV rays.

  5. 70% - A very light tint selection. Keeps a clean look.

Car Cleaning Service

Hand Car Washing

Expert Service

THis Is Real Deal - Tinting and Auto Detailing is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. Similar to our detailing services, we offer our hand washing service in different packages to suit your needs. 

  1. Body-Rub

     - This package is a WATERLESS hand wash. We use a special water free shampoo on the vehicle getting in between all nooks and crevices of the exterior while also providing a full double wipe down with the softest microfiber towels to touch. This wash also includes wheel/rim, and tire cleaning as well. This is ideal for touching your car up after a recent water wash or just keeping your car clean in between those water washes. Quick and efficien

  2. Gifted Hands

     - This is our level 2 hand washing package. This wash includes water & a separate wash substance than used in package one. This service includes a blow dry plus a sealant spray to repel water should it rain after your wash. After covering the surface with a sealant, it is double hand dried with microfiber towels. This package also includes wheel/rim, and tire cleaning as well as tire dressing leaving a superior shine. This is a top of the line hand wash for your vehicle.  


    *NEW* Wash & Wax Pack


     Along with all of the benefits of the “

    Gifted Hands” 

    car wash, this package includes our top of the line hand wax as well.  While providing you with

     a shiny exterior, waxing your car also 

    protects it from UV rays and water spots. 

    As harmless as water might seem, rain and road spray carry pollutants and chemicals that can scratch and fade your vehicle's paint. 

  4. *NEW* Wash & Coat (Ceramic) Pack

    - The ultimate hand washing package! After washing and drying the car thoroughly with our air blowers and compressed air, we coat your vehicle with a superior ceramic sealant from GTechniq. Leaves you with a luxurious shine and gloss as well as providing up to 6 months of paint protection against debris, bird poop, rocks, scratches as well as superior water beading. 

*(All SUV's, vans, & pickup trucks will be subject to $14.99 up-charge for interior details and $24.99 for car washes and waxes)*

Young Handyman Vacuuming Car Front Seat With Vacuum Cleaner.jpg

Interior Deluxe Detailing

There are several benefits to interior detailing your vehicle including the following; avoiding health issues caused by dust and dirt buildup, retaining your vehicles value, protecting the upholstery (if you do not have tint), protecting skin from UV rays, as well as odor eliminating, etc.

We are striving to become the very best at what we do here backing up our name to show that this is truly the real deal. We offer our detailing service in 3 packages.

  1. Quick-Fix

     - Our level one package includes a full wipe of the vehicle from front to back as well as a full vacuum service from front to back of vehicle as well as ceiling and mats.

  2. Neat Freak

     - Our level two package includes the Quick-Fix package as well as adding glass cleaning and providing you with a choice of steam of the interior (

    dash, cracks/crevices, panels, ventilation for odor removal, leather, etc

    ) OR shampoo cleaning for carpet/rugs OR seats (

    if seats are leather, shampoo is automatically applied to carpet

    ). The steam cleaning service rids the material of deep stains and mold built up over time.

  3. Mr. OCD

     - Our level three package (recommended for luxury vehicles) is the real deal including both Quick-Fix & Neat Freak packages while also including; removal of seats for deeper clean. Full Steam cleaning; windows (inside and out), door jams, crevices, vents, etc. Leather cleaning and conditioning, double vacuum and wiping, as well shampoo with scent (optional).  Also included is shampoo to carpet and seats. This package includes a free Trim Restoration on the full interior leaving an undeniable pop to your ride. Removal of any visible stains. This is a detail that lasts for weeks at a time! Sign up and become a member on our "Plans & Pricing" page to gain access to exclusive member pricing and deals.

WE OFFER MOBILE DETAILING AS WELL!!! $24.99 added to service pricing.

We can either come to your location for detail services or we can pick and drop your vehicle back off to you. (Excludes Quick-Fix package.)

Contact owner Malik Edwards (585-797-2219) ( for details and questions about this service.

EXTRA FEE for the following - 

$15-$49.99 Excessive mildew or stain removal. 

$15-$49.99 SUV, Van/Limo(7-10passenger) or 3rd row vehicles.

$49.99-$99.99 Limo, Party Bus, Sports Team/Game Bus, Extended size van (10+ passenger)

$24.99-$49.99 Excessive pet hair. 

Car Wash

Car Washing

Expert Service

THis Is Real Deal - Tinting and Auto Detailing is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Customer photos and videos below

Car wrapping will be available summer 2023

Be sure to check our booking page for our newest service! Keep your ride looking clean with our one of our two level

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